Becoming a Petrolhead Rally Carbon Member, this gives you access to exclusive discounts to our rallies, free Member-Only merchandise including sticker packs and clothing, VIP entry & guest entry to Petrolhead Rally parties, and exclusive discounts and experiences with some of our partners!


Get Extra Added Carbon Benefits:

  • Supercar Driving Experience
  • Sunseeker Yacht Driving Experience
  • VIP evening at Donington Race Track
  • Exclusive discount on car detailing
  • Carbon-Member Sticker Pack
  • Exclusive Petrolhead Rally T-Shirt
  • Exclusive Petrolhead Rally Baseball Cap
  • Free entry to all PHR parties & events
  • Discount on a full car wrap
  • 10% discount on any PHR rally you attend
*exclusive rally discounts are for the member only and do not include 2nd person
Call: 0871 855 5500

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